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How many sod rolls do I need?

Determine your total square footage of area to be covered. Sod is sold by the roll, also equivalent to one square yard. Each roll is 6 feet long and 18 inches wide and covers 9 square feet. Note: Itís always good to round up at the end so youíre not short any sod rolls.


IE: 50 ft. x 35 ft. = 1750 sq. ft. / 9 = 194.45 ~ 195 to 200 yards or sod



How many rolls are placed on a pallet?

One pallet of sod is equivalent to 50 rolls of sod.


How much does sod weigh?

Each roll (1 sq. yard) weighs approximately 40-50 pounds (45 kilos).


When do I start watering my sod?

New sod needs water within Ĺ hour of being installed! The grass blades of the sod need to be cooled throughout the day.


When can I walk on my newly installed sod?

Limit activity on sod for the first two weeks after sod installation.


When can I mow my newly installed sod?

Wait approximately 10-14 days after the sod has been installed and the root system has been re-established.


Does Niebeling Landscaping provide service year round?

Being in the Midwest, the bleak cold winter puts a damper on the sod harvesting. Main services are provided early spring (late March) through late fall (late November). However, the phone lines never close and your call will be returned in a sensible time period.